Sunday, August 29, 2010

Robots from Scrap

It is my goal in life to use up all the bits and pieces of scrap paper that I have amassed throughout the years. So in order to attain that goal, I promised myself that I would not cut into a new piece of paper to make a card until all my scraps have been used up. Maybe my Christmas cards will even be made up of scraps - who knows?

These cute little robot guys are from Stampin' Up. I used Stampin' Up markers to color them in and punched them out with my Wizard Nestabilities Label 1 Die Cuts. I think the paper is mostly K&Company, but it's ALL scrap (yay!) so I don't really remember.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Salt and Pepper

I promised myself I would start a blog this summer. And now here I am, the day before I go back to school for professional development, finally taking the leap. I'm really not usually a procrastinator. So to start with, here's my all-time favorite salt and pepper shaker:

I know, I know, she's missing her pepper. The story goes like this: One day I shut the front door too hard. Little pepper fell off of his bench and onto the floor. I was so upset about it at the time. Even the thought of my two hundred plus other sets of salt and pepper shakers could not ease the sorrow that I felt over the loss of little pepper. I sadly brushed the pieces into my dust pan. Not feeling ready to part with him completely, I left to run some errands. And boy did I fall in love all over again when I returned to find my husband, super glue in hand, putting the pieces of little pepper together again. He returned to his shelf with some definite "crazing" apparent, only to experience another disastrous fall a few months later. This time the damage was irreparable. James and I brushed the pieces up and sadly disposed of little pepper's remains. But I always smile when I see little salt sitting by herself on that dilapidated green park bench. Because I know that my little pepper will always be there to return my kiss and to pick up the pieces when I fall apart. Plus, he puts up with my ridiculous collection which is displayed all over our home, even though I confined his NASCAR diecast car collection to a single shelf in the second bedroom...