Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Tag Sale Finds

No flea markets this weekend, but we did stop at a tag sale on our way to the apple orchard. I found these cool vintage goodies to use for scrapbooking:

Never A Dull Moment - party games for every occasion. The box is full of printables to use for party games, recipes, mysteries to solve, and fun pictures. I also picked up a pile of vintage valentine's for $1.50. And a book with tips on taking pictures. Because I think I need it!

I also found this fun box of disposable coasters. I love the saying on the box!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stormville Flea Market Treasure Hunt!

In the words of Bill (words I never thought would come out of his mouth, although I detected a hint of sarcasm), "Let the treasure hunting begin!"

To celebrate Labor Day weekend, the family headed to Stormville, New York for some bargain hunting galore! Lauren only looks crabby in this picture because Bill was living up to the picture on his shirt. But I know she was secretly excited inside...

Especially about these $35 EACH seltzer bottles. We would have loved them to adorn our kitchen counter tops but they were way out of our price range!

I loved the McCoy pottery. I tried to convince James and Bill that I could use the Shawnee globe as a candy dish but they just said it looked broken. Men!

Of course there were plenty of salt and pepper shakers for me to dream about adding to my kitchen and dining room shelves. I think that the key is for me to just take pictures of all of them from now on since I have absolutely no space to put them!

Bill is not smiling on the inside. James was being a good sport though!

Maybe because he was excited about the $10 Otis Anderson (does the name ring a bell Dad?) signed Sports Illustrated that he bought within the first 5 minutes of the morning.

Daddy and I liked the HO scale Monopoly trains. How cool!?! But again, we weren't big fans of the price!

While my family finished shopping, we stopped to rest so I could take a picture of our purchases:

Vintage postcards to use for scrapbooking $2
Winnie the Pooh salt and pepper shakers $5
White Owl cigar box to go with our snowy owl collection $4
Morton pink peacock wall pocket $15 - now I have a girl peacock and a boy since I already have the green one at home!

We ended our family day with a trip to Stew Leonard's for lunch and a trip to the petting zoo. Lauren is happier here because Bill isn't nagging her about spending money at the flea market anymore. Despite some newlywed turmoil (okay I'm exaggerating a little), it was definitely a successful trip!