Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Epic Estate Sale

Also known as the estate sale of the century.

Or the reason I feared for my marriage today.

It was difficult enough convincing James to go to the beach today. But when I saw the estate sale sign I knew I had to go. I asked him to turn around at least 20 times in 30 seconds before he finally turned onto a side street and decided to submit to my pleading. I knew that I hit the jackpot when we walked in the house and found a shelf with salt and pepper shakers. "There are more in the dining room," said the estate sale lady. James just rolled his eyes and complained about how he was suffocating from the old person smell and went to go wait in the car. He seriously left me alone in 93 year old woman's house full of salt and pepper shakers. And to make matters worse (or better for me!), they were only $1 per pair. I picked out a few and started a pile. Then I toured through the house as quickly as possible so that James wouldn't have enough time to file for divorce while I was shopping. There were beautiful crocheted doilies and embroidered linens that I have absolutely no use for but wanted to buy so badly. Old sewing supplies, vintage Christmas decorations, antique teacups and kitchen accessories. I could have stayed there for hours. But I tried to be good and only spent $7.

First was this Dickson Christmas Angel planter. Not that I'm going to plant anything in it. Because we all know it will just die.

The pigs with the flowers in their hair were absolutely adorable to begin with. But then I spotted the ones in the little Scottie dog sweaters. With diamond eyes. Are you freaking kidding me?

Aren't these deer adorable? They have glue spots where their hair used to be on their heads and tails. And I already have like 3 sets of deer salt and pepper shakers at home. Oh well. Too bad I bought them anyways.

These two definitely are definitely reminiscent of James and me in the future. He's already really pumped up to sit on the front porch (don't have one yet) in his rocking chair (need one of those too) and yell at those darn neighborhood kids.

I bet you can't wait to find out what's in this container....

And last but not least...when I showed these to James in the car I knew he still loved me. Phew! Catastrophe avoided. They're almost the same as my original salt and pepper young lovers! Reunited at last. No more broken pieces or broken hearts anymore!

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